Welcome to Cantley.org, the community website for Cantley.


In recent years the wonderful achievements by Cantley’s Alfie Hewett in Wheelchair  Tennis have really made the village proud.

 Cantley Parish Council now has it’s own site at http://cantleypc.norfolkparishes.gov.uk/.
Any links on Cantley.org that relate to the Parish Council will now feed through to that site.

Cantley.org is a community site. If you have something to contribute or just wish to get in touch, please use the contact form. We always love pictures, especially the unusual!

Cantley & Limpenhoe Book Poster

The book will be available at the following outlets…

City Bookshop, Norwich
Jarrolds, Norwich
WH Smith, Great Yarmouth
Reedham Post Office

Anyone who has difficulty obtaining a copy can contact Sheila Hutchinson by email at paul.sheila844@btinternet.com to order a copy (total price of £11.40 including Post & Packing in the UK.)

Cantley Staithe

The opening of Cantley Staithe on September 18th 2010 was a proud moment for the village of Cantley. For many years that area had been neglected, but due to the vision and determination of a few, to whom the village owes a debt of gratitude, we now have a wonderful facility to be enjoyed by everyone.
More details on the staithe can be found at the Staithe Home Page as well as a gallery showing the construction of the Staithe.