Show Information & News

Welcome to Cantley Flower Show

 SATURDAY 5th SEPTEMBER 2020 at 2pm


       To be held at CANTLEY VILLAGE HALL

Admission at the door Adults 30p and Children 10p (including lucky number ticket).

Welcome to the Cantley and District Flower Show 2020. Thank you for your support in previous years, whether in entering or coming to the Show on the day. We look forward to seeing you this year.

For general advice on how to improve how you present your exhibits try looking at “Flower Show Tips”.  Please feel free to comment on how the tips can be improved.

PHOTOGRAPHY subjects for 2020

P2….Sugar Factory
P4… Birds
P5… portrait
P6… Pets

The Photography subjects for Children for 2020 are :-

Children (0 to 6) years                   Pets
Children (7 to 10) years                 Countryside
Children (11 to 16) years               Special Selfie


The Flower Arranging class B3 is a Pub sign.

Please also note that the hall will be open between 09.15am and 10.30am, for staging your exhibits, as we did last year.

If you are interested in helping with the Flower Show or would like to join our committee then please let us know.

We look forward to receiving your completed entry form during early September 2020.


Judith Beadle (treasurer)        29A, Church Road            01493 701231
Robert Beadle (chairman)      29A, Church Road             01493 701231
Jane Crossley
Tim Drew                                   1, Oak Tree Close               01493 700226
Emma Goodrum                       2, Stanley Close                 01493 271144

Please contact any member of the committee if you would like to join us or if you have any questions about the Show.



a) Please tick or circle the classes you wish to enter on the CLASSES TO ENTER and on the ENTRY FORM and hand the ENTRY FORM to any member of the committee by Thurs 3rd September 2020. You may either use the copy you receive in late July or early August or print a copy from this website. You may enter as many classes as you like. Please read the regulations below.

b) Come to Cantley Village Hall from 9.15am on Saturday of the show with your exhibits. You will then be given a batch of sticky labels with your allocated number. You may then label and display your exhibits. Please leave the hall by 10.30am. Judging will commence at 10.45am.

c) Come back at 2pm when the Hall is open to the public to view the exhibits and to take part in the raffle and tombola, as well as enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and a chat.

d) The Trophies will be presented at 3.15pm (starting with the Poster competition prizes) followed by the payment of prize money and a period for those exhibits, not to be left for the auction, to be removed. The auction of produce at 4.00pm followed by the draw for the lucky number door tickets and the raffle draw. We are always very grateful to those exhibitors who donate produce for the auction.


Cantley Flower Show

Saturday 5th September 2020

Cantley Village Hall

Programme of events

09.15–10.30 Hall open for staging entries
(Please come along with all your exhibits. You will be given a batch of sticky labels with your allocated number so that you can label and display your exhibits. Please leave the hall by 10.30 am.)

10.45–2.00 Hall closed while judging takes place.

2.00 pm      Flower Show Opens
(Please come and support the Flower Show. Take part in the raffle and tombola, as well as enjoying a cup of tea and a chat. See how well your exhibits have done. Enjoy browsing all the other exhibits and Posters.)

3.15 pm Presentation of Poster Competition Prizes

3.20 pm Presentation of Flower Show Trophies
(At the end of the presentations is the time to collect your prize money and to pack up your exhibits. Any donations to the auction will be welcomed.)

4.00 Auction of Produce

4.15 pm Door Prize Draw and Raffle Draw



1.  All entry forms must be handed in by Thursday 5th September 2019. Late entries may be accepted on the day at the discretion of the committee.

2.  All exhibits must be clearly labelled with the exhibitor’s number. (The numbered stickers are supplied on the morning of the show)

3.  No exhibitor may make more than one entry per class.

4.  The exhibitor, with the exception of classes B1, B2 & B3 (Flower Arranging), must have grown all flowers and produce.

5.  Exhibitors must supply their own plates and baskets. Limited supplies of vases for flowers are available at the hall.

6. All cookery items must have been prepared by the exhibitor. Any exposed cookery items should be covered.  (Cling film is acceptable).

7.  Handicraft exhibits must have been made by the exhibitor within the last 2 years.

8.  Photographs must have been taken by the exhibitor and must not exceed 10 inches by 8 inches (25cm x 20cm) including any mount. There is no time limit on when the photograph was taken. (These rules apply to the adult and child classes)

9.  No exhibits or prize tickets to be removed before presentation of cups.

10. Prizes and Points to be awarded as follows:-
1st Prize 50p               2nd Prize 30p                  3rd Prize 20p.
1st Prize 50 points     2nd Prize 30 points        3rd Prize 20 points.

11. Exhibitors may stage their exhibits from 9.15am until 10.30am on the day of the show.

12. The exhibits and the presentation of the Trophies may be photographed on behalf of the Flower Show Committee. These photographs remain the property of the Committee and may be used at their discretion. (Website, press etc).

13. 19 challenge cups will be awarded, to be held for one year only and returned by the Thursday preceding the next Flower Show.