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Cantley Staithe is now run by the Cantley Staithe Charitable Association.

Please recycle your glass bottles at the recycling bin at the Reedcutter as all proceeds go to this Association.

A mooring Application Form can either be downloaded from this site or can be obtained from Colin McRobert, Churchfield, 7 Church Road, Cantley, Norwich, NR13 3SL.

The Mooring Rules for Cantley Staithe can be read and downloaded below.

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The Cantley Staithe Charitable Association was formed on 15th June 2010.

Cantley Staithe Charitable Association

The Objects

  • To establish, run and maintain Cantley Staithe.
  • To facilitate and promote safe access to the river Yare to enable boating, fishing
  • and other leisure and educational activities.
  • To ensure this facility is available to people of all ages, abilities, incomes and ethnic
  • origins.

The Constitution

The constitution is based on the GD3 model constitution available from the Charity Commission or from their website

The First Trustees

Robert Beadle (Cantley Parish Council)
Tim Drew (Treasurer)
Andrew Guy (Chairman)
Keith Luxford
Colin McRobert (Vice Chairman)
Gary Simons
Phil Cronin (The Reedcutter Public House)
Rev. Peter Glanville (Secretary)
Richard Holmes
Dot Machin
Ian Redhead (Cantley Sugar Factory)

The Parish Council will act as Custodian Trustee.